I was referred to Mr Irving after being diagnosed with a small benign tumour on my hearing nerve back in February 2009. This was a particularly anxious time for me as this was a relatively rare condition and treatment options didn't seem necessarily certain. My GP could offer little advice or support as these types of tumour are not encountered very often in local surgeries. 

I was therefore very re assured to discover that Mr Irving specialised in dealing with this type of tumour and had dealt with hundreds of patients with a similar condition. From the moment I contacted his team I found them friendly, caring and highly professional. They understood how I felt and responded quickly and efficiently. At my first consultation with Mr Irving everything was explained to me and all my questions answered. I felt so re assured that I was in the hands of experts. Over the last couple of years I have received a similar level of service every time I have had an appointment or consultation.

In October 2010 Mr Irving referred me to Sheffield to receive state of the art gamma knife radiotherapy treatment. Although Mr Irving is a highly regarded ear nose and throat surgeon he is also more than aware and willing to consider all the treatment options that are now available. 

I am very hopeful that the treatment has been successful and I remain reassured that I will continue to be monitored closely by Mr Irving and his team over the next couple of years. From the anxiety of that initial diagnosis I now feel calmer and a lot more positive about my future health.