Birmingham Ear ClinicMaking an appointment

What to do first

Talk to your General Practitioner

If you would like to arrange a private consultation, please talk to your own general practitioner to discuss this and to request referral to The Birmingham Ear Clinic.

We prefer patients to be referred by his or her own general practitioner. However, occasionally Mr Irving will agree to see a non-insured patient who does not have the benefit of a referral letter. If this applies to you, please speak to Mr Irving's Secretary on 0121 242 3299 or E-mail before arranging an appointment.

Talk to your Private Medical Insurance Provider

Richard Irving is recognised by all major private medical insurers. Most insurers require patients to be referred by a general practitioner for specialist care and we do advise all patients to liaise with their insurers prior to attending in order to ensure that their policy will cover them fully for the consultation. You will be required to bring your insurance membership or policy number with you to the first appointment together with a pre-authorisation number or code if this has been issued to you by your insurer.

We are always happy to see patients who are uninsured and are pleased to provide details about costings and payment terms upon request.
Non-insured patients will be required to settle Mr Irving's fees at the end of their visit

Making your Appointment

Your appointment may be made in a variety of ways:-

  • By telephone - to 0121 452 2810 (for BMI Edgbaston Hospital) or to 0121 446 1638 (for BMI Priory Hospital). Either you or your GP may telephone to arrange the appointment. Please ensure that you bring your referral letter with you to the appointment if arranging the consultation yourself.
  • By post - referral letters for EITHER venue may be sent to Mr Richard Irving at BMI Edgbaston Hospital, 22 Somerset Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2QQ and his secretary will arrange an appointment for you
  • By fax - referral letters for EITHER venue may be faxed to Mr Irving's Secretary at 0121 242 3299 and she will arrange an appointment for you
  • On-line - your GP may complete an on-line referral for EITHER venue and Mr Irving's secretary will arrange an appointment for you

Either you or your doctor can then contact the Appointments Desk at your chosen Clinic location in order to arrange your first visit. Alternatively, your doctor can fax or post a letter of referral to your preferred Clinic venue.