What to expect at your first appointment

Birmingham Ear ClinicYou can expect to receive a thorough and careful detailed clinical assessment when you come to see Richard Irving or Peter Monksfield. Your consultation should last up to 30 minutes and you are most welcome to bring a family member or friend with you to the appointment if you wish.

Having examined you and taken a very careful history, your consultant may feel that you would benefit from a diagnosis or therapeutic procedure which can be carried out there and then. This could be a formal test of your hearing, a procedure to clean your ear, or an Epley manoeuvre for patients with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.

If Mr Irving or Mr Monksfield feels that you would benefit from seeing one of our Clinic collaborators, such as our hearing aid dispenser, audiologist, vestibular therapist, or tinnitus counselling or retraining therapist, then we will make arrangements for this to take place.

If your consultant feels it necessary for you to undergo diagnostic investigation, we can arrange this for you, using the latest techniques and state-of the art analysis to ascertain or confirm the nature of your problem. This will usually take the form of an MRI or CT scan, which will be arranged a few days after you have seen the consultant. It is important that you contact your private medical insurance providers in order to inform them that you have been referred for a scan and to ensure that you are fully covered for the procedure before undergoing this investigation.

Once the results are available, we will then arrange for Mr Irving or Mr Monksfield to see you again to discuss the investigations and he will give you the best possible advice and care, based upon the most up-to-date knowledge, expertise and surgical methods.

If your consultant feels that no investigations are required but that he would like to reassess you again, you will be able to arrange your next consultation before you leave the hospital.

Patients who are not insured will be required to settle the consultant's account before leaving.