Birmingham Ear ClinicPublications

Audiological outcome of stapes surgery for far advanced cochlear otosclerosis.
Heining C, Banga R, Irving R, Coulson C, Monksfield P.
J Laryngol Otol. 2017 Sep 6:1-4

An Assessment of the Clinical Acceptability of Direct Acoustic Cochlear Implantation for Adults With Advanced Otosclerosis in the United Kingdom.
Kitterick PT, Reddy-Kolanu G, Baguley D, Lavy J, Monksfield P, Banga R, Ray J, Snik A, O'Donoghue GM.
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UK bone conduction hearing device consensus workshop: Narrative summary.
Mandavia R, Dimitriadis PA, Monksfield P, Hall A, Ray J, Schilder AGM.
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A case of pulsatile tinnitus.
Jolly K, Hare P, Irving R, Monksfield P.
BMJ. 2017 Jan 356:i6402

The Auditory Rehabilitation Outcomes Network: an international initiative to develop core sets of patient-centred outcome measures to assess interventions for hearing loss.
Tysome JR, Hill-Feltham P, Hodgetts WE, McKinnon BJ, Monksfield P, Sockalingham R, Johansson ML, Snik AF. Clin Otolaryngol. 2015 Dec;40(6):512-5

Characterizing human vestibular sensory epithelia for experimental studies: new hair bundles on old tissue and implications for therapeutic interventions in ageing
Taylor RR, Jagger DJ, Saeed SR, Axon P, Donnelly N, Tysome J, Moffatt D, Irving R, Monksfield P, Coulson C, Freeman SR, Lloyd SK, Forge A Neurobiol Aging. 2015 Jun;36(6):2068-84

A case of conservatively managed invasive ceruminoma and a review of the literature
Saunders TF, Monksfield P
Case Rep Otolaryngol 2014 Epub 2014 Jul 22.

Simplified bone-anchored hearing aid insertion using a linear incision without soft tissue reduction
Husseman J, Szudek J, Monksfield P, Power D, O'Leary SJ, Briggs RJS
J Laryngol Otol 2013 Jul 127 Suppl 2: S33-8

Relations between cochlear histopathology and hearing loss in experimental cochlear implantation
SJ O'Leary, P Monksfield, G Kel, T Connolly, MA Souter, A Chang, P Marovic, JS O'Leary, R Richardson, H Eastwood
Hearing Research, 2013 Apr 298: 27-35

The new Nucleus 5 model cochlear implant: a new surgical technique and early clinical results.
Monksfield P, Husseman J, Cowan RSC, O'Leary SJ, Briggs RJS
Cochlear Implants International, 2012 Aug;13(3): 142-7

Cost Effectiveness (Utility) Analysis of Bone Anchored Hearing Aids.
Monksfield P, Jowett S, Reid AP and Proops DW
Otology Neurotology, 2011 Oct;32(8):1192-7

Biofilm formation on bone-anchored hearing aids
Monksfield P, Chapple ILC, Matthews JB, Grant MM, Addison O, Reid AP, Proops DW, Sammons RL
J Laryngol Otology, 2011 Nov;125(11):1125-30

Fluid Exudates From Inflamed Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids Demonstrate Elevated Levels of Cytokines and Biomarkers of Tissue and Bone Metabolism.
Grant MM, Monksfield P, Proops D, Brine M, Addison O, Sammons R, Matthews JB, Reid
A and Chapple ILC
Otology Neurotology 2010 31(3): 433-9

Bilateral Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid: Impact on Quality of Life Measured With the Glasgow Benefit Inventory.
Ho EC, Monksfield P, Egan E, Reid A and Proops D.
Otology Neurotology 2009 30(7): 891-6

Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid: Patient Satisfaction with the Cordelle Device.
Ho EC, Monksfield P, Egan E, Reid A and Proops D.
Otology Neurotology 2009 30(6) :793-9

Experience with the Longer (8.5mm) Abutment for Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid.
Monksfield P, Ho EC, Reid A and Proops DW.
Otology Neurotology 2009 30(3): 274-6

Modification of a Spacer Device for Paediatric Tracheostomy.
Monksfield P.
Clin Otol 2008 33(2): 193-4

A New Retractor for Cochlear Implantation.
Monksfield P and Proops DW.
Cochlear Implants International 2008 9(1): 61-3

Workload of the ENT SHO
Moorthy R, Gibbons N and Monksfield P.
Bulletin R Coll Surg Eng 2006 88(6); 212-3

Tophaceous gout presenting as a dorsal nasal hump (letter)
Monksfield P, Porter MJ.
J Laryngol Otol. 2006 Feb. 120(2); 161
Short Communication: Technique for stabilisation of Draffin rods during tonsillectomy, Monksfield P, De M and Hollis L.
CME Bulletin Otorhinolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery 2005 9(1); 17

Endovascular embolisation of a traumatic arteriovenous fistula of the superficial temporal artery
Whiteside OJH, Monksfield P, Steventon NB, Byrne J, Burton MJ.
J Laryngol Otol. 2005 Apr. 119(4); 322-4

Left vertebral artery aneurysm causing a right cerebello-pontine angle mass.
Monksfield PA, Martinez P, Molyneux A and Milford CA.
Otology and Neurotology 2005 26(3): 525-7

Pneumomediastinum, an unusual complication of facial trauma.
Monksfield P, Whiteside OJH, Steventon N, Jaffé SM and Milford CA.
Ear Nose Throat Journal. 2005 84(5); 298-301

A bitter pill to swallow
Monksfield PA, Whiteside OJH, Winter SCA, Steventon NB and Cox GJ
Medical Journal of Australia. 2003 Vol. 178(4); 189

Book Chapters

Retraction Pockets and Perforations in Hearing: An Introduction & Practical Guide. CRC Press 2015

Osteitis of the Temporal Bone in Scott-Brown's Otorhinolaryngology: Head and neck surgery CRC Press – currently in press


The Surgical Management of Petrous Bone Cholesteatomata: A Case Series Review and Reflections from the Literature
Acharya A, Rainsbury J, Monksfield P and Irving R.
J Neurol Surg B 2012; 73 (S 02);

Head and Neck Paragangliomas in a UK Population: The Birmingham Head and Neck
Paraganglioma Service Experience
Acharya A, Rainsbury J, Monksfield P and Irving R.
J Neurol Surg B 2012; 73 (S 02);

Medical and surgical complications of the second 100 cochlear implant patients in Birmingham.
Peter Monksfield, Mudit Jindal, Andrew Reid, Ken Pearman and David Proops. Mediterranean J Otol 2008 4 (supplement 1); 98

Comparative audit of the informed consent process following introduction of the new consent form in two common ENT procedures.
Monksfield P, De M, Hollis L.
J Laryngol Otol 2005 Apr. 119(4); 331-2

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